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What is Personal Branding Photography?

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’re curious to know what personal branding photography really is and how it could help your business.  

Let’s start with what personal branding isn’t.

It’s not a logo, it’s not about your brand colours, and it’s actually not really about the product or service that you offer, because none of these things really make you unique. The thing that makes your business unique is YOU!

Brand Photography

If we look at some of the big brands that I’m sure you’ll be familiar with, such as Clarins, Fat Face, Neal’s Yard Remedies and Phase Eight, they’re all huge, long term global success stories – not your local small business run by a ‘real’ person who you know by name. These global businesses have marketed their brands very effectively to reach a large audience of eager buyers.

However, with big businesses, there isn’t a person to connect to. So we make our consumer choices based on what we know about the company – through their graphics, logo and brand message.

I don’t feel emotionally drawn to Fat Face or Neal’s Yard Remedies, but I know I like to buy from them because they ‘fit’ with me. The other brands are hugely successful and the absolute first choice for many consumers, but they’re not for me. All of these amazing companies are a business brand, not a personal brand.

Now imagine how powerful the appeal to a consumer would be if the consumer were making purely emotive choices about who to trust/invest their time and money with – choices based on what they know or feel about the real person who runs that company. That’s a whole level deeper, isn’t it?

That is a personal brand.

This is why I wholeheartedly believe in the power of personal branding photography and why I am so passionate about it. It helps to show the person behind the product or service. Through storytelling photography (more about that in the next blog) we can build three very important things – know, like and trust.

The more you can show of your authentic self in your personal brand imagery, the more likely you are to build and nurture a tribe of people who are totally aligned to your personality, your beliefs, and the reason why you do what you do. In a nutshell, ‘people buy from people’ and people buy from people who they trust. There is absolutely no point in having imagery which doesn’t reflect you openly, honestly, and endearingly.

Also, you need to be YOU!

You can look as professional as you like, but you can’t possibly appeal to everyone. Why would you even want to? Don’t waste your time trying to be someone else and attracting people who aren’t really a good fit for you. There are potential clients out there who have been hoping (and probably trying for a long time) to find someone just like you!

When you show yourself to these people you are irresistible, and magic happens. And you get to work with your absolute dream client. That’s a win, win in my book. That’s exactly what personal branding photography is about!

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